Apple Never “Just Works” for me

Anyone who has said the phrase the one thing I like about apple is that it just works – has obviously not spent any time developing in that realm recently. Granted I am developing on an 8 year old piece of hardware, but I am running the latest software on it, and I believe that regardless of the hardware (it can only be responsible for slowness, not for crashes with indecipherable messages as to the reason for the crash). On any given day, I can expect XCode to crash at least 4 times, something that rarely happens in my windows development environment any more. Additionally, although I can understand why one would want to manage their own memory, after having developed in a windows environment where the compiler cleans up after me, I can honestly say that I don’t miss having to wrangle pointers and manage memory. I think people have it backwards, Microsoft has really taken the last decade to get their act together. In an age of passing fads, I am so glad that .Net just works. Now let’s just see what all that HTML5/Javascript vs. Silverlight hubub is all about.

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