The best sound in the WORLD

The other day while we were getting an ultrasound (yes we’re expecting, a boy in mid-March). The technician said “The best sound in the world” when she found our baby’s heartbeat. I thought to myself, “Goddamn right!” That is the best sound in the world. By the way, if you’re reading this and learning that we are expecting, I apologize. Give me a call and we’ll celebrate in style.

Apple Never “Just Works” for me

Anyone who has said the phrase the one thing I like about apple is that it just works – has obviously not spent any time developing in that realm recently. Granted I am developing on an 8 year old piece of hardware, but I am running the latest software on it, and I believe that regardless of the hardware (it can only be responsible for slowness, not for crashes with indecipherable messages as to the reason for the crash). On any given day, I can expect XCode to crash at least 4 times, something that rarely happens in my windows development environment any more. Additionally, although I can understand why one would want to manage their own memory, after having developed in a windows environment where the compiler cleans up after me, I can honestly say that I don’t miss having to wrangle pointers and manage memory. I think people have it backwards, Microsoft has really taken the last decade to get their act together. In an age of passing fads, I am so glad that .Net just works. Now let’s just see what all that HTML5/Javascript vs. Silverlight hubub is all about.


So, this is my new blog I guess. I hope to be able to write on here all the things that I have wanted to say but never wanted to say on my company website. I guess the reason that I created this site was originally to host my website to advertise my web development business. I have since incorporated, and my new company (BEZ Interactive Group has its own website with all the web development posts from moved there. So, if you’re looking for something that used to be on, you’ll probably find it there. My apologies.

So, what kind of stuff will I write about? Who knows. Perhaps I will ramble about what I am learning in MBA school. Or maybe I will give all kinds of pointers I learn as I begin to go down the happy road of learning my new role as product/project manager. Perhaps I will be able to express my frustration with our trusted servants (or felonious government). Who knows what the future holds? I can only promise to make it fun and interesting… or at least I can promise to do my best.